Mobile Hotspot Monthly Plan

WiFi Router Monthly Plan in Korea
韓國 留學 KT 4G WiFi Egg 合約


The Best Contract-Free Plan in Korea

Must be Prepared to Contract
Alien registration card
A bankbook opened in Korea by your alien registration card

Available only to the over 19s

Available only in Myeong-dong office.
Contact us to check the stock availability before coming.

If you do not have an alien registration card yet,
please use first Mobile Hotspot Rental or Smartphone Rental

Please read the contents on this page carefully.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot Plans

There are two data plans.
It will be paid by automatic bank transfer.

LTE Egg+ 11

4G LTE Data 11GB
₩ 16,500

LTE Egg+ 22

4G LTE Data 22GB
₩ 24,200


Device : KT LTE egg+ A (IML450)

You need to purchase a dedicated device.

Initial Cost

Available only pay by cash.

Device Price ₩ 79,000
Activation fee ₩ 20,000

The Best Mobile Hotspot in Korea.
No annual contract (Contract Free!)
No matter when you terminate after contract.
Powered by fast, reliable KT 4G LTE
Check your data usage from LCD display
Up to 9 devices can be connected together
Up to 18 hours continuous use
Enjoy Free voice call by WhatsApp, Skype…


Device is almost new one
New one`s retail price is ₩154,000
Almost new one is ₩ 79,000

4G Bands (LTE Advanced)
Main:LTE 1800Mhz (Band3)
Sub:LTE 900 (Band8)
Battery (Removable)
3.7V Li-Ion 4,000mAh
Continuous use of battery time : 18 hours
Power bank feature
Built-in Micro USB cable
Wireless charge (Qi) feature
Wireless charge from Hotspot to Phone
Product size
120 x 68 x 15.4mm / 157g

Need more data? Add a Data Plus Option.
You can add an additional data.
It will be deducted after exhausting your monthly basic data.
The remaining data will be automatically carried forward to the next month for 1 year.
Data Plus charges will be paid by automatic bank transfer.
Please go to KT Olleh shop, show the sentence below to staff.
LTE Egg+ 사용중인데, Egg 데이터플러스를 구입하고 싶습니다.
Egg Data Plus 1G : ₩5,500
Egg Data Plus 3G : ₩11,000
Egg Data Plus 10G : ₩22,000
Egg Data Plus 20G : ₩33,000

How to Contract
Available only in Hongdae office.
Monday ~ Saturday 09:00 ~ 18:00
Lunch Time : 12:00 ~ 13:00
Contact ☏ Support to check stock availability before you visit.
Can NOT contract anywhere else.
Initial cost is available only pay by cash.
It is hard to come to Myeong-dong office,
use Mobile Hotspot Rental for the time being.

How to Terminate
Available at any KT Shops.
Can NOT terminate at Airport.
Must be Prepared your alien registration card.
If you do not have, you can NOT terminate your contract forever.

Customer Support
Monday ~ Saturday 09:00 ~ 18:00
Lunch Time : 12:00 ~ 13:00
We do not ask questions about the contents on this page.
During non-office hours, will be responded on the next business day.
+82 10-4485-7003 (WhatsApp,Kakao..)
1583 (English)
080-000-1472 (Korean)


Device breakage, breakdown
You should contact manufacturer directly.

Monday ~ Saturday・09:00 ~ 18:00
Lunch time : 12:00 ~ 13:00