KSIM (Call & Data)

Call & Text & Data Available



This service requires reservation.

Passport, Credit card and Reservation mail are required when you Pick Up.

If you do not have a credit card, please use KSIM (Data Only)

KSIM(Data Only)also can use free voice call by Mobile Messaging Apps.

Please read the contents on this page carefully.



4G LTE Unlimited Data
Flat-rate plan within period of use

Voice Call

Incoming Call : FREE
Outgoing : Auto payment on the end date

Cell Phone Rental

Option (1Day ₩1,000)

Data Charge

Pay when you Pick Up.
Period of use is per date, Not 24 hours.

Period of use Data Charge
1~5 days ₩ 27,500
6~10 days ₩ 38,500
11~30 days ₩ 71,500

Voice Call Charge

Auto payment by credit card

Local Call Voice ₩ 264 / 1 min.
SMS ₩ 110
International Call We will notify you when you Pick Up

Cell Phone Rental

Optional Service : Pay when you return

Optional Service Phone Rental ₩1,100 / 1 day
Accessories Charger + Pouch
※ Please specify the return date when you rent a phone.

The Best Prepaid SIM Card in Korea
KT Prepaid SIM Card
4G LTE Full Speed Unlimited Data Plan!
Contract Free Prepaid Plans!
Pay at the airport and use it immediately.
No Limit of Tethering & Data Sharing!
Enjoy Free voice call by WhatsApp, Skype…
Customer support by WhatsApp, LINE etc.


Use your own phone with KSIM
Unlocked SIM Free Smartphone ONLY !
Contact your telecom company to unlock.
If you do not have a SIM Free phone,
please use smartphone rental option.

4G Bands (FDD-LTE)
Main:LTE 1800Mhz (Band3)
Sub:LTE 2100 (B1), LTE 900 (B8)
3G Band (WCDMA / UMTS)
★Devices that do not support LTE frequencies : 3G ONLY
★Dedicated device (CDMA or TD-SCDMA) : Can NOT use in Korea


Mobile Authentication / RingBack Tone
Roaming / Collect Call / Optional Services

Simple reservation!
 Submit the rental application below.
 After submit, confirm your email.
 Then you will receive a Reservation mail.


Submit your order after flight schedule is confirmed.
It can be submitted max 180 days ahead.
Cut-off : 1 day before Pick-Up, by 2pm.
Please Contact ☏Support after Cut-off.


To cancel or change your reservation
Please contact your Reservation Mail Reply.
Do NOT cancel or change without contact.
“Manner maketh man”

Location of Reception Desk
Please check the Location below.
Service will be initiated upon receipt.


Must be Prepared for Pick-Up
① Reservation Mail
② Passport
③ Credit Card
④ Data charge (Pay when you Pick Up)


The recipient’s credit card is required.
Booked customer name = Recipient’s Name!
Credit Card : Deposit for Call Charge.
Call Charge (Auto payment by your credit card)
Debit・Cash・Check・Prepaid charge Card are not available to use as Deposit.

End of Service
Auto Termination at 10 pm on the end date
Auto Payment of Call & SMS Charge by your credit card


If you want to change End of Service
Please contact us by replying the Reservation Mail until 1 day before the end date.
It will be terminated on time without contact.

Please contact us by replying the Reservation Mail until 1 day before the end date.
Extension fee only can be paid by card.
It will be terminated on time without contact.

Customer Support
Business Hour : Monday ~ Saturday 09:00 ~ 18:00
Lunch Time : 12:00 ~ 13:00
+82 10-4485-7003 ( WhatsApp, LINE etc.)
☏ +82 70-7090-7007 (Korean)
☏ +82 70-7090-7008 (English/Chinese)
☏ +82 70-7090-7009 (Japanese)


Please contact us if you have any problem.
During non-office hours, will be responded on the next business day.

Always Reservation Customer FIRST !
Please make a reservation in advance.
WhatsApp・LINE・Kakao Customer Support only can use Reservation Customer.


Check your device is available to use KSIM
①SIM Free device from purchase.
②Device that already confirmed unlock service by your telecom company.


What kind of device can not use KSIM
Device is locked by your telecom company.
Device that do not support KSIM frequencies.
Device that is registered by other SIM Card.
Device that is stolen or lost in Korea.
Device is produced by LG U+ before 2014/Oct


Devices that have used other SIM card in Korea
To cancel that old number before using KSIM,
Please let us know the IMEI number of your device after Apply.
How to Find IMEI Number


Unlocked(SIM FREE) WiFi Hotspots
It is available ONLY when you Pick Up at Myeong-dong office.


If your device is not available to use KSIM
Please use ☞ Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental


Device change is not permitted.
After setting, please do not change the SIM card to other devices.
If you need to use many devices, please use ☞ Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental



Incheon Airport

Open 365 days・24 hours
☞ Reception Desk

Gimpo Airport (Seoul)

Open 365 days・06:30 ~ 23:00
☞ Reception Desk

Hongdae Office (Seoul)

Monday ~ Saturday・09:00 ~ 18:00
Lunch time : 12:00 ~ 13:00

☞ Location
☞ Public Holidays

Gimhae Airport (Busan)

Open 365 days
Rental : 06:00 ~ 22:00
Return : 06:00 ~ 21:40
☞ Reception Desk

Busan Port

Open 365 days・06:30 ~ 19:30
☞ Reception Desk

☆ Please read this page carefully before submit your oder ☆

☆ Submit order = agreed with all contents on this page ☆